Type 1 Incident Base Camp Unit

WESTERN FIRE SUPPORT SYSTEMS INC has since developed into a multi-faceted company supporting and providing service for all types of incidents, including fire, oil spills, hurricanes, earthquakes and sporting events. As a total solution base camp service, we provide everything needed in a Type 1 Incident Base Camp Unit or IBU.

Incident Base Camp Unit Type 1

Type 1 Incident Base Camp Unit


What is a Type 1 Incident Base Camp Unit?

Each Incident Base Unit, or “Camp in a Box,” is comprised on the following elements:

  • 10 Office Trailer 10’x30’ Each Trailer includes:
    • 6 workstations w/chairs
    • IT Network Connection
    • 16 Line Telephone Capabilities
    • Speaker Phones at Workstations
    • Dry Erase and Corkboard
  • Copy Machine w/collating and stapling
  • Fax Machine
  • Paper Shredder
  • Tents w/floors electrical harness and lights
    • 2 19’x35’
    • 2 20’x20’ octagons
  • 10 8’ Tables
  • 100 Folding Chairs
  • Briefing Package w/stage and PA system
  • Generators w/distribution centers and cords
  • 48’ Reefer Trailer w/divider, storage racks and pallet jack
  • 5000# Forklift w/certified Operator
  • 2 Light Towers
  • Perimeter Lighting
  • Hand Wash Unit w/12 sinks and self-contained hot water

Western Fire Support Systems offers Type 1 Incident Base Camp Unit that can be reconfigured to fit incident needs in an efficient and timely manner. All Rates include setup, management and maintenance.