Western Fire Support Systems offers the finest in support equipment. Our goal is to provide first-rate equipment and service wherever needed. We specialize in Incident Base Facilities, briefing packages, canopies, tents, laundry, and more.


Crucial needs in a remote location is what we do best.

Whether it’s fighting forest fires or supporting natural disasters people need some degree of comfort to help boost morale and performance. That’s where we come in. We are “comfort specialists.”

Western Fire Support Systems has a solid reputation based on years of experience.


Owner Dan Anglin was a fireman for 19 years, and knows the logistics involved in fighting remote fires and providing for the basic needs of those on the front line. Needs such as rest, a shower, a fresh change of clothes, and a square meal.

Initially begun as a mobile support unit for forest fires, Western Fire Support Systems has developed into a multi-faceted company providing services for all types of events.

In short, we can provide vital services anywhere and under any circumstances.

Our personnel know what it’s like to be away from home in unpleasant circumstances, like fighting a blistering hot forest fire or dealing with any chaotic natural disaster. Anyone who’s been in that situation will realize how important – and how logical – our support systems are.

We can help you save precious time and money.


Our motto is “WE GO WHERE YOU GO” because we are totally portable. Our specially equipped trucks can haul everything needed to help your camp or base seem like a home away from home. Under contract with the U.S. Forest Service and the California Dept. of Forestry, Western Fire Support Systems has been on over 100 incidents in several different states. All items are portable and pre-loaded for immediate response. Personnel can be on the road to your incident within minutes of your order.

With over 25 years of proven experience in the equipment rental business, we believe providing courteous service and quality equipment to be the highest priority. If you request a piece of equipment that we don’t carry or have available, we will do our best to obtain it quickly or tell you where you can get it. If you want service, call Western Fire Support Systems.